December 2018 Newsletter

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Our purpose is to be a respected and competitive lawn bowls club that also provides members and guests with a fun, safe and social off-green environment…

News for all from around the Club…

Welcome to new members

The President, Committee and all members are delighted to welcome new members to the Club.

Firstly, thanks to Thommo and son Riley for bringing in the Hailebury boys: Riley Thompson, Nathan Ephraums and Josh Gasparini.

We also welcome the Tucker Rd Primary Dads to the Tuesday night squad: Tim Barton, Nathan Green, Rohan Hyde and Richard Wein. We know you’ll have a great time at the Club.

Gail Young is already well known to most of us and has been helping us out over many years. Gail has now joined Dave and taken up bowls and donned the Bentleigh blue and yellow shirt (and doesn’t she look just great). Welcome Gail!

Git yer kilts oot!

The Xmas breakup is on Saturday evening 15th December. Free band and finger food!

Entertainment is by Celtic inspired band Whisky Gypsies. A more relaxed and informal setup this year with no set tables (plenty of seating will be available for tired bowlers though). The band and the informal setting will guarantee a fun night out for members, family and friends! Booking sheets are available at the Club as we need numbers for the catering side of things.

Debbie Johnstone has put in a great deal of effort to arrange the night, so let’s all support Deb and get behind it!

Giving for Xmas…

Last year, we collected a large number of donations of unwrapped toys and non-perishable food items for the Bentleigh Corps of the Salvation Army. Lieutenants Samantha and Stan Oldfield were delighted with our Club’s generosity and we’d like you to dig deep and help out others in our own community having a more difficult time than we are. A table has been set up under the main honour board to receive your donations.

Bar Trading over Xmas and New Year

The Club bar will be open as usual on Thursday evening and Saturday afternoons during the Xmas Pennant break. You’ll probably also find it open on Sunday Arvos.

Xmas Eve Drinks with (naughty) Santa

Tony Heath says he’s been in contact with naughty Santa Claus, and is pretty certain the man in red will be dropping by the Club on Xmas Eve around 5 or 6pm (PS – this Santa is definitely not for the kiddies).

Friday Night Barefoot Bowls

Dennis Jacobsen has launched Friday Night barefoot bowls. The hardest part is getting people to come along, so we need everyone to get behind DJ and invite friends and family down to have a go. DJ would also like some help on the evenings (setting up, bar, helping guests, packing up etc) so if you can lend a hand, I’m sure DJ will be rapt.

Your new website is live

Thanks to David Crook and Clarky, our new website is up and running in parallel with the old website. We will be re-directing the old site to the new site just as soon as we iron out a few minor wrinkles. Until then, the source of truth for Team Selections remains the current site.

Check the new site out at

If you have any feedback, please see Brades, David or Clarky.

A personal message from Garry Waldron many of us should keep in mind…

Hi everyone

On Sunday (2 Dec) I had a “few” drinks at the Club and had decided that I wouldn’t be driving home. I was touched by the number of members that spoke to me and tried to make sure that I wouldn’t drive – it was the right thing to do. If u r in a similar situation and someone offers u a lift, please just accept it and don’t be offended – we look after each other at Bentleigh…


Info for Bowlers…

Saturday bowlers, don’t forget the Double Header THIS WEEKEND. Please ensure you keep Sunday 9th December available for Pennant.

Heathy’s Handicap Pairs

Congratulations to Lawrie Rocher and Johnny Keogh on winning Heathy’s Handicap Pairs.


We express our thanks to Garry Waldron for organising this event. It was a great deal of work for him and I know we all enjoyed the games.

Doug Osborne Green Maintenance

Bowlers please note that the Doug Osborne Green will be top-dressed immediately after the Century 21 Tournament (5th January) so will be out of action for a few weeks at least (the weather will dictate for how long).

Bentleigh Club vs Sandringham Club

The Bentleigh Club vs Sandringham Club match was held in typically great spirits at Bentleigh BC in November. After recalling the Bentleigh boys who were already at Sandy or on their way, the match got underway pretty much on time. Bentleigh held on to win in a tight finish (I think our friendly sledging was of a slightly better standard than Sandy) before retiring to the Bentleigh RSL for some lunch and refreshments. Thanks to Heathy and Peter Marsh (Sandy Club) for organising the match.

I   Love   Duty Rink Duty

Yeah, no-one likes being on Duty Rink, but if YOU don’t do your duty, it always falls back on the same group of people every week. So lend a hand, it only takes a few minutes if everyone in the rink chips in.

Note also that EVERY rink should put away their own mats, jacks and sunshades and bin any rubbish in the vicinity of their rink.

Bad gag of the month…

“I just saw the new Queen movie – Bohemian Rhapsody. I think it was filmed in a cinema though, as I see a little silhouette of a man….”

Come on Rorky – I bet you can beat my lame attempt for next month….