Newsletter August 2018

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Listen Up! A Word from Ron…

Welcome to our New Members!

Once again, I’m delighted to welcome new members to our Club:

  • Jude Stammers
  • Robyn Warry
  • Taylor Osmand, and
  • Geoff Rosen

Please make our newcomers welcome. And new members, make the most of your new bowls home – I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Pre-Season Working Bee

Approximately 20 members braved the icy cold conditions on Sunday to lend a hand with a clean-up of the clubhouse and surrounds.

The inclement weather prevented a few outdoor jobs being completed. Nevertheless we had plenty to keep us busy. The troops enjoyed a sausage or two cooked by Crumpy (we had to give him something to do) and a beer served by Watto.

Thanks to all who gave up their time for the club – we rely on volunteers to keep the place looking good. Special thanks to Chud’s for bringing his big truck and fixing a few important plumbing items.


Alan Walker (House Manager)! 

Annual Subs are well and truly overdue!

Your usually friendly Treasurer’s Department knows who you are if your annual subs are still owing. We’ve already paid the Bowls Vic fees on your behalf and things can get mighty complicated if you’re not paid up by 31 August. So hurry on up and get your subs in:

  • In person – cash or cheques (payable to Bentleigh Bowling Club) to Rob Michael or Jenny Naylor
  • By snail mail – cheques only
  • Online EFT
    BSB        033-034
    Account 466117

If you’re having difficulty and need to spread your subs over a few weeks, please see either Rob Michael or Jenny Naylor to come to an arrangement.

Process for Appointing Selectors

At this year’s AGM, it was suggested that the Club revert to the previous process of appointing selectors if there were more nominees than positions required. A show of hands indicated that there was some support from members for this to occur. While we have not had a situation (that I recall) of excess nominees, there is a group of members that want to make sure the process is right should this occur in the future, which theoretically could even be at the next AGM.

I fully support a process to investigate and then implement changes that will see a fair, equitable and transparent method of appointing selectors in this situation. A group of members have volunteered to look into what the best practice might be for our Club. If a better process is found, it is proposed that we will convene a “Special General Meeting” for members to consider the change and formally cast their vote. It is important that this special meeting occurs PRIOR to the next AGM.

If you have a view on a better process to appoint selectors, please see Erica Horsfield, Chris Clegg, Layla Clegg or Rob Santalucia. 

Bowling Matters!

Pre-Season Practice Schedule

The Saturday Selectors have been busy planning out our pre-season practice obligations. Please note that if the opposition Clubs can’t provide sufficient teams to cover all of us, there WILL be intra-club practice for those not playing against another club.

The schedule looks like this so far….

25th / 26th August      St Leonard’s Seagull Cup

1st of September         Opening of the greens at BCC, Inter club practice match

8th of September        Practice match between Brighton and BBC held at the BBC

15th of September      Intra club BBC practice match (unless we can find another club to play)

22nd of September     Practice match against Cheltenham 2 teams at home and 2 teams away

Friday 28th                   Peter Burnett Memorial Challenge (Away vs Hampton RSL)

Sunday 30th                 Intra club BBC practice match


Saturday Pennant Selection Guidelines

The Saturday Selectors have released the Selection Committee guidelines for the 2018/19 season. These guidelines are posted on the Club noticeboard and you can get your electronic version here or copy and paste this link into your browser:

Saturday & Midweek Pennant Season

Bowls Vic have announced the dates for the 2018/19 season. A couple of key dates to note, especially the Saturday Double Header weekend in December!

Midweek Pennant Saturday Pennant
Round 1 Tues 25th Sept Sat 6th Oct
Melb Cup – No game Tues 6th Nov NA
Vic Open Break Tues 20th Nov Sat 17th Nov
Double Header Weekend NA Sat 8th Dec and Sun 9th Dec
Xmas Break 25th Dec, 1st and 8th Jan 22nd and 29th Dec, 5th Jan
1st game after Xmas Break Tues 15th Jan Sat 12th Jan
Round 18 Tues 26th Feb Sat 2nd March

The fixtures for Saturday and Midweek Pennant have been released. You can find them here:

Looks like the Saturday 5th side will need to travel a bit at times. Not much we can do about that, so grab a salad roll, pool the cars and enjoy the ride and maybe a beero on the way home (not the drivers!).

From The Coach’s Box

Pre-season Pennant Briefing.

As we have done the past couple of years, there will be a pre-season briefing for Pennant players on THURSDAY 30 AUGUST around 6:00pm. All Pennant players are strongly encouraged to attend.

We have a number of new players joining us this season, so we will run through the position themes we introduced last year. This year, I will be introducing the Club to Game Plans which we will all be expected to understand and be able to switch into at any time. Much of the Thursday practice sessions will be based around these Game Plan strategies.

Chairman of Saturday Selectors, Kevin Bosward, will also outline the Saturday Pennant Selection process.

I look forward to seeing all the hibernating bowlers on the evening J!

Social News

The Club will be open on AFL Grand Final Day. We’re still figuring out the pre-game and half-time entertainment, but rest assured, it won’t involve Meatloaf or Angry Anderson! Maybe Grace O’Keefe and Margaret Walker will break out in song again if they come along???

BBC Shenanigans

There will be shenanigans galore for Clarky and Crumpy’s Pairs Pool Comp which starts this Thursday evening.

Even if you’re not playing, come down to cheer and jeer as some unlikely challengers pick up a queue for the first time in years to take on the pro’s!


Before it gets lost in history…

Here’s a video compilation of our shenanigans after Section Grand Finals last year… Turn the volume up!

Who said playing finals and winning flags isn’t special???

Big thanks to Grace O’Keefe for the video!