Newsletter July 2018

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Listen Up! A Word from Ron…

Welcome to our New Members!

I’m delighted to welcome 4 new members to our Club:

  • Susie Dusting
  • Bill Campbell
  • Geoff Ellis
  • Martin Fingereth

Susie and Bill join us from Hampton RSL, Geoff from Elsternwick Club. Martin hails from CPA and is an accredited coach and umpire – skills I’m sure we can find very handy!

Please make our newcomers welcome. And new members, make the most of your new bowls home – I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


For those that haven’t been around, Gary Crump had a second operation on his broken leg and we understand that everything went extremely well in the circumstances. This is truly great news and we look forward to Crumpy being up and about down the Club very soon. All the best for the recovery Crumpy.

Strategic Planning

Several months ago, we commenced a process to develop a basic strategic plan for our Club and this was presented to Committee last Sunday. The strategic plan sets out some high level goals for what our Club will look like in 5 years’ time and the values we will apply in reaching those goals.

It’s important for us to communicate this plan to all members, so keep an eye out for an invite to an information session, emails explaining the strategic plan and some posters we will place around the Club rooms.

Thank you to all the members who contributed something to the development of this plan – Brades, Clarky, Wags, Jeff Saunders, Pete Blee, Melina, Garry Waldron and Lindsay.

BBC enters the 21st Century

All going well, a new, modern till system will be implemented on July 12 (this Thursday) which will bring many benefits to volunteer bar staff, not least of which are pictures to ring up a sale, bar codes to automatically read products being sold. All of us, especially the younger generations, will now be able to purchase stuff with payWave! Behind the scenes, inventory reconciliations will also be much easier!

Many thanks to Clarky for researching the systems available and setting this one up for us – a pretty big job!

Please note that when setting up the new till system, a couple of pricing anomalies were seen and rectified. We have also taken the opportunity to set more appropriate pricing for the higher quality red wines now available from Tina Boquest. Rest assured, nothing much else changes!

Bowling Matters!

2018 Kennel Cup

Saturday 23rd June saw the second running of the Kennel Cup, proudly sponsored by -Platinum Builders and Consultants. Another great turnout of 60 bowlers on a pretty cool and dull Melboune winters day.

Special Thank You to Tony Heath for arranging the sponsorship, putting their banners on prominent display and the great BBQ lunch before the bowls kicked off!

The format saw our first experiment with a Power Play end available in each game. Some squandered their option while others capitalised with a good end score doubled! Great experiment Tony, and maybe we’ll see it used again in another tournament.

Winners:                            Darren Morris, Paul Wagland, Anthony Clark

Runners Up:                       Tony Tesoriero, Sallie Hinson, Bruce Arundell

First lead with a toucher:     Pat Tempini

First second with a toucher: Roy Bright

First skip with a toucher:     Garry Waldron

Southern Indoor Update

Alan Walker, Team Manager for the Southern Indoor squad, provides the following update of the season to date…

After 12 rounds Bentleigh are sitting 3rd on the table, one point behind Beaumaris and four behind MCC.

Top two sides go forward to the finals, so with six rounds left they have a good chance of making it.

Our other side, Higgins, are placed eighth on the table and are out of finals contention but are still putting in some stellar performances, everyone playing is enjoying the experience and doing their best for the club.

Pennant sides for 2018/19

The Committee has gone out on a limb and has registered Bentleigh for 6 Saturday sides and 3 Midweek (Tuesday) sides. We have a somewhat optimistic count of 101 bowlers available for Saturday pennant and need to play 96 bowlers each week.

It will be a team effort to make this decision a successful one. Illnesses will happen and some things will come up, but here’s what you can do…

  • Try to be available every Saturday. Try to politely avoid discretionary non-bowls commitments on Saturday.
  • Introduce potential bowlers to the Club – either brand new to the sport or with some experience.
  • When Selectors have to make changes to cover absences, go with the flow.

St Leonards Trip Away – The Seagull Cup

Bentleigh will be defending our title for the Seagull Cup at St Leonard on Saturday 25th August. It’s a match played in great spirits with people from many sides making up the squad. The local pub always looks forward to us visiting. I think Barry Culph’s ban on socialising with the Bentleigh squad remains in force J.

Keep your eye out for the entry sheet which will be posted on the notice board soon.

Peter Burnett Memorial Challenge

Hampton RSL will be hosting the 2018 Challenge on FRIDAY 28th September (Grand Final holiday). The format for this year be:

  • 8 rinks of 4 players (32 players required)
  • 11 ends commencing at 11:00am
  • Lunch break
  • Then 13 ends after lunch (I suspect they might try to ply us with the evil alcohol during the break – but knowing many of them, that is sure to backfire)

More details and an expression of interest form will be posted up in due course, but if you’re keen to play in this great tournament – reserve the date now!

From The Coach’s Box

Sunday Coaching Clinics.

Peter Blee has sent through a message for all of us…

Winter is upon us, many days inside the house.

May I suggest you go online and Google “The Bowls Clubhouse” –register for free (this is a Bowls Australia site). You will be able to view a plethora (love that word) of matches featuring top bowlers in action.

Many varying styles, but all have one thing in common -a smooth release using body weight going forward – no pushing it out and stepping back!

Watch = Learn = Enjoy!

Do you realise that if each of you only play ONE more telling bowl per pennant game as a result of studying these videos it could amount to SIXTEEN more shots for your side?

Think about it!

I would like to see you make an effort to come down on Sundays at 11, if you cannot, please contact me and arrange another time. Watching you (yes, you!) I have no doubt I can improve your delivery in some way.

We love our fun, we love socialising, but how much do we also love WINNING ?

I will do my best, will you?

Social News

Curry Night Wrap Up

Another top night for Bentleigh with some dozen cooks serving up some 20 delicious dishes!

Here’s the menu and list of cooks for the night – sincerest apologies if I’ve left anyone out!

Egg Masala Wags
Beef Vindaloo Wags
Curried Snags Wags
Spinach Paneer Wags
Dahl Wags
Vegetarian Korma Crumpy
Goat Vindaloo Brades
Chicken Tikka Masala Brades
Chicken & Bean Tikka Masala Crumpy
Mauritian Curry Chicken Graham Rackham
Sri Lankan Curry Chicken Douggie Meehan
Butter Chicken Deb
Curried Corn Beef Kevin
Chicken Curry Mel
Chicken Tikka C7arky
Mullagatawny Soup Greg McHugh
Chicken Korma Uncle Bob Rorke
Papadams Rae
Raita Brades
Condiments Wags

If you’re wondering why Wags cooked up so much, it was because many cooks didn’t let him know they had volunteered and there would be a curry shortage. Please let him know next time and we could save him many hours and dollars!

Thanks also to Wags, Crumpy and Banger for the significant service area set up – worked a treat!

Also thanks to Rae, Debbie and Brades for the cleanup.

Sports Night?

We haven’t had a Winter Sports Night for a couple of years so I’m hoping we can talk the “brat pack” of Clarky, Wags, Watto, Morri and Crumpy into running another one for us in the next couple of months – a medley of naff events may await to keep us amused on a cold winter’s night, but I need your help to talk them into it!

BBC Shenanigans

BBC Grandkids

Keith Gillett brought his young grandson down for a roll late in June. Bowlers, please note, the young fella has left no bowl short of the jack!!!

Joan Pretty reckons that stance on the mat looks very familiar – I agree!

Doctoring School

When I was young in the 1980’s, I decided I wanted to be a doctor, so I took the entrance exam to go to Medical School. One of the questions asked was to rearrange the letters P-N-E-S-I into the name of an important human body part which is most useful when erect.

Today, those who answered ‘spine‘ are doctors while I am the unemployed editor of your newsletter J.


And here’s a great piece of Aussie poetry from Peg Woolley…

“The Senior Cits Meat Raffle” – Bill Kearns