September 2019 Newsletter

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News from all around the Bear Cave…

More on Our Strategic Plan

We have developed a Strategic Plan which sets out our goals for the Club over the next few years across several key dimensions.

Key parts of the plan are our Mission, Vision and Values and I ask everyone to check those out at least. They describe very simply what we want the Club to be and what is expected of us all as members and as a Club overall. We will look to have some posters made up as a constant reminder.

The Strategic Plan has been uploaded to our Club website in the About Us section. Here’s a direct link to make it easier:

I commend the plan to all members and welcome any discussion.

Bear Cave Renovations Underway

The next stage of the project to expand the main bar area is now well underway with Crumpy, Alan Walker and Rob Fisher leading the works.

Please continue to be patient as they work through these renovations and be sure not to get in the way of any demolition or construction works. It’s expected to be completed before the first pennant round.



Free Hearing Checks – What was that?

Hearing Australia will be running a FREE hearing check service at the Club on Monday 4 November from 9:00am to 12:30pm. Even if you think your hearing is probably OK, it might be worth a check-up anyway just to confirm that. They can even assist those who already use a hearing aid but have some questions or concerns about their device.

Please note this FREE service is available to your family and friends also!


Texas Holdem poker WRAP

What a night!!!!

30 serious contenders vied for the grand prize money of $340!!

Players battled to be the supreme winner on their table and for the chance to win!!!

Congratulations to each table winner: Frank Pocknee, Doug Meehan, Erica Horsfield, Tony Heath and Chris Clegg.



Our croupier, Robyn, stylishly and very elegantly dealt the cards on the finals table.

Great work Robyn- we were impressed by your ‘no nonsense’ approach!!!

The stakes were high and the lead changed several times.

Erica looked like she had it in the bag!!!

….Oh how fortunes change….She went all in….Only to get knocked off by a better hand.

…And then there were just two!!!

Doug                                   Chris 


Quietly, Cleggy believed he had the upper hand – his stash was bigger than Dougy’s! ….He thought he could hold his nerve and keep up with Dougy, who kept calling “All in”.

.… He thought he could call Doug’s bluff….

Tensions were high, the spectators were enthralled…. but getting a little tired…. Someone suggesting splitting the prize…. but a final hand was needed to determine the trophy winner!!!!

Robyn dealt the final hand and it fell Dougy’s way!

Congratulations guys!!!

Watch out for more poker nights at BBC!

J Robyn is going to run workshops to show how the game is really played J

…and thank you to Lindsay Kerr for the terrific trophy!

The next Social Event for your calendar is coming REAL soon – lock in Saturday 5th October for a very different TRIVIA NIGHT! More to come…

Info for Bowling Bears…

St Leonard’s Trip Away – Saturday 31 August

We had a squad of over 20 head down to St Leonard’s for a “friendly” battle for the Graham-The-Seagull Trophy. The squad comprised a mix of players from all sides, so it was a great opportunity for people to play a competitive game with new faces from Bentleigh. Unfortunately, Culphy and his St Leonard’s team were too good on the day and retain Graham for another year, but we’ll be back stronger and better next year to bring him home.

As a general rule, what happens in St Leonard’s stays in St Leonard’s, but let me just say Darren Morris gets my BOG vote for his efforts off the green – my laughing muscles are still sore! Catch some goss around the Club to TRY to find out more about the St Leonard’s shenanigans ?

Opening of the Greens – Saturday 7th September

Please join Nik Staikos MP (State Member for Bentleigh) for the official Opening of the Greens Ceremony to be held at 11:00am, followed by a light lunch.

2 teams from Cheltenham will then come to Bentleigh, and 2 teams from Bentleigh will go to Cheltenham for the first official Practice Games.

The Social Committee has arranged some post game Live Music and food so all bowlers are strongly encouraged to stay at or return to the Club to help make this a special day. Non-bowlers are most welcome to participate. Please also encourage our guests from Cheltenham to hang around and socialise with us for a bit too.

Thanks to our Social Committee for making this special day in our calendar extra special.

Introducing the 2019/20 Coaching Plan

Please join Jordan on Thursday 12th September at 6:00pm to find out about his Coaching and Game Plans for season 2019/20. Rob Santalucia will also be presenting the Saturday Pennant Selections Policy. Both will welcome your questions.

Joke of the Month…

A man was walking down the street when he was approached by a particularly dirty and shabby-looking homeless guy who asked him for a couple of dollars for dinner.

The man opened his wallet, took out ten dollars and said, “If I give you this money, will you just buy beer with it instead of dinner?

No, I had to stop drinking years ago” the homeless man replied.

Will you spend this on member fees at the bowling club instead of food?” the man asked.

Are you mad?” replied the homeless man. “I haven’t played lawn bowls in over 10 years!

Well,” said the man, “I’m not going to give you money. Instead, I’m going to take you home for a hot shower and terrific dinner cooked by my wife.

The homeless man was astounded.
Won’t your wife be furious with you for doing that?

The man replied, “That’s okay. It’s important for her to see what a guy looks like after he’s given up
drinking and bowls.