Smoking Debate


Please note that there are two motions put forward on this matter. Please review and consider BOTH.

Motion 1

Motion: That the Bentleigh Bowling Club make the total of its boundaries, including area leased from City of Glen Eira, a “SMOKE FREE AREA” in the interest of all Club members and visitors (smokers and non-smokers alike).

Proposer: Ken Oakes
Seconded By: Wayne Dobell, Tom Quinn

Arguments For

Ken Oakes’ submission: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

Arguments Against

Jenny Naylor Letter

Chris Green Letter

Leonie Brown Letter


Motion 2

Motion: That the Bentleigh Bowling Club move the current smoking areas to  three sites located 4 meters away from the clubrooms and bowling greens, (area on the Western side of the property  – opposite the BBQ, between the shelter sheds on the synthetic green and near the tanks on the South Eastern corner of the property). Thus ensuring equal rights to all smokers and consideration to non – smokers from both within and beyond the Club. New smoking areas would be aligned to existing Victorian Government restrictions related to current outdoor eating areas and Bowls Victoria recommendations.

Proposer: Chris Green
Seconded By: Leonie Brown and Alan Butler

Argument For

Fact Sheet from Victorian Department of Health and Community Services