2022-23 Office Bearers & Committees

Thank you to all of our Committee members who volunteer their time and skills so that we can enjoy all that our Club has to offer us!

President  Debbie Johnstone
Vice President  John Hayes
Secretary  Kevin Bosward
Assistant Secretary  Gary Crump
Treasurer  Steve Brady
Assistant Treasurer  Jenny Naylor
House Manager  Alan Walker
Greens Director  John Hayes
Bar Manager
 Peter Watson
Bowls Victoria Delegates  Ros Izod
Jude Stammers
Ordinary Members  Chris Green
Alan Marsh
Wendy Stoupas


Club Coach: Dave Willey
Assistant Coaches: Jordan Blair-Bremner, Peter Blee, Alan Walker, Keith Ronaldson

Saturday Pennant Selection Committee

Alan Butler
Barb Cruickshank
Keith Gillett
David Willey

Mid-week (Tuesday) Pennant Selection Committee

Gary Cooke
Ros Izod
Tom Quinn

Electric Light Selection

Kevin Bosward

Thursday Pennant Selection Committee

Alan Butler

Assistant Bar Manager

Trevor Hanby

Social Committee

Melina Fairbairn
Melinda White

Match and Tournament Committee


Sponsorship Convenor

Harold Laver

Function Manager

Jordan Blair-Bremner

School Bowls Convenor


Information Technology Manager

Rob Fisher

Barefoot Bowls Convenor

Jordan Blair-Bremner